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  • morchu
    06-13 11:10 AM

    There are no excuses. You are closing the doors behind and trying to forget the path you came through.

    Have you heard about globalization? We are not there yet, but that is inevitable. People and humanity are beyond the boundaries of countries or governments.

    If a "low-cost" person can do the same job as you, and the employer is happy with the quality of the job, there is NO reason for you to cash-in more for the same job. Nobody is superior. Everybody deserves their chances, irrespective of their education or college or economic background.

    I can understand similar wordings from non-thinking public who never had to face real human issues or have seen dirt of poverty. But that coming from somebody who went through the hardworking path is unbelievable.

    Protectionalism comes from the mere thinking that, some deserve a better and easier life just because they happen to be "born" at some place, or because they happen to be there "earlier", and don't want to be threatened by smarter / hardworking humanity.

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-27 10:42 PM
    Are you sure about 80000 PERM?

    I recall seeing somewhere that for the entire 2006, there were about 6000 PERMs.

    nope, that might have been the number for 2005. For the bulk of 2005 (Perm started from April) there were very few approvals, then a big bunch in the last 2 months. 2006 had a 'healthy' rate of approvals...

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  • snathan
    01-22 05:40 PM
    Wow, you have a great suggestion for him, I am sure he took your suggestion and did the right thing, do you have a similar suggestion regarding immigration to Obama ?, if so you better let him know what you think, you seem very open minded about giving suggestions.

    Please read all his post first and you will understand the reason for this comment.

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  • srikanth
    07-11 06:23 PM
    Hi congrats and good luck !!!

    but, remember Once an American Always an American !!!

    Live free or Die !!!

    Please, do come back , when they fix immigration system... America does need skilled talented professionals like you to compete against outsourcing in a flat world.

    and remember Canada does not yet has a professional football team, go patriots !!!


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  • tikka
    07-03 11:09 PM
    and counting... tin

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  • Jaime
    05-12 11:59 PM
    Well, I have been on this forum for over a year, and I have been doing my research, you guys have given me a great idea...immigrating to India. I know that right now India might not be as comfortable as Laguna Beach, (but then agan 99% of the world isn't). I think that if I go to India now, work hard, endure a bit of discomfort and do my best that I will be a millionaire in my later years, whereas in the U.S. thigns are declining, and I will have grandkids before I get a Green Card.

    This is where India Green Card comes in. So, I am looking for a job in India (non-tech, but rather business/marketing related).I would appreciate any help that you guys could give me. I have researched that I have to find a job and show a contract of employment from the sponsoring company in India, as well as an appointment letter from the sponsoring organization and proof that the organization is registered in India.

    Then it allpoints out tome having to apply for an employment visa at the consulate with jurisdiction over my place of residence, and I am awae that my visa may require clearance by the Ministry of Home Affairs or Reserve Bank of India before the visa is issued. My question is on how to contact the MHA for this? Do any of you have their phone/fax numberor address?

    Further, I found that in India a foreign national may not change employers. If the foreign national wishes to change employers, the foreign national must leave the country and re-enter with a new visa for that particular new employer. So, I am looking for something really steady before I even set foot in India, and that's why I need your all's help!!!

    Since the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) reserves discretion to determine the period of validity of the visa, it could really be good for a few months or years, impossible to know before applying. The good thing is that the Foreign Registration Regional Office (FRRO) may grant extensions of up to three months. Upon approval by the MHA, the FRRO may grant an extension of up to one year. Thereafter, the FRRO may grant extensions for four more years on a year-to-year basis.

    I am so excited and confused at the same time. India is my future, and I am going to need a lot of your help IV friends! At least I speak English, but I am also thinking of getting a pivate Hindi tutor. Any thoughts woud be VERY VERY appreciated! Thanks!!!!


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  • rahulpaper
    06-27 09:26 PM
    Based on this, I have again (yes, again) emailed by immigration lawyer and sent him the AILA's URL (although I cant see it coz I am not member of AILA).

    IF AILA reports that they stopped accepting new 485 petitions for EB3-other, then it is pretty freaking scary and that means that what my lawyer told me "I cant happen, bla bla bla..." is really not 100% accurate. If it happened in June, it can happen in July. This is now REALLLLY SCARY, coz my lawyer has plans for July-end for filing.

    Ever since the dates got current, it has been more stressful than the time when dates were retrogressed and almost makes me miss the retrogression days when I didnt have to depend on the lawyers for my career.

    It is indeed scary...I guess rumors can come to haunt us...I know that mine is not going in before mid july...we are seeing that is visible but doesnt exist...May be august bulletin (like predicted by USCIS) will still be "C"....GOOD LUCK to all. Irony of life is...all my life i gave exams in an effort to not get a "C"....and now all i pray for is just another "C"...

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  • number30
    04-01 05:27 PM
    Well said !

    He has mistrusted us. I do remember throwing his wiket by giving simple catch on mid-on/off and getting run out others ! When CBI raided his home, they found 3 -4 crore of watches in his jwell box. Wonder how much money he might have made with working top bookies ? He/Sanjay Dutt and other like them know that it might come back anytime so they are getting prepared politically.


    India Should go election reforms first. All these bad politicians are coming because of voters without responsibility are voting. For some 500Rs is like one weeks ration. So no wander if they sell this commodity. So for the voters we should put the qualifications like paying the taxes are having something like 10 acre of Land or certain education requirement. So that Politicians cannot bribe the voters easily. Also that would stop the announcement like free TV free Laptop. Like US during freedom war no representation no tax. In India it should be no tax no vote. That way we can curb pompous politicians.

    In Some way need to avoid such nonsense.


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  • mihird
    10-09 03:56 PM
    There is the freedom to change jobs and apply for a new TN each time. There is no 6 year or any sort of time cap - TN can be renewed indefinitely..a TN only costs $50 to renew for each year and can be filed without an attorney by mail. No need to physcially go anywhere.

    1. Spouses/Dependents get TD which is as restrictive as H4
    2. There is a fixed list of professions and minimum education qualifications that you/your intended employment HAVE to satisfy to qualify for a TN. Experience cannot be used to substitute lack of education..

    Hope that was informative...

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  • apb
    12-14 02:24 PM
    I really don't see how removing the per country ceilings alone without increasing the anual quota will help the entire comminity. If you do that alone all it will do is make the date retrogressed for all the countries even further. So where's the gain?
    Getting the anual quota increased, not counting dependents in the quota and recapturing visas from passed years will help EVERYBODY.

    If people want to think that something petty as removing the per country quota is going to solve all our problms then all the best (and God bless us all) ! :cool:

    PS - Pardon me if this sounds harsh but this is how I see it.

    We need to understand that the basic premise of the removing the per country limit uses the assumption that there is enough visa for all of us. But sadly this is not true. We have ask for increasing the GC limit from 140000 to xyz. The last increase was in 1990 which was after 14 years. Now 18 years have passed and there is no change in that direction.

    Increasing limit cannot be fought in the court. It requires changes in law. Removing dependents from EB based GC consumption also cannot be decided in court. But removing per country limit for EB/GC can be decided in court. Just because we are fighting for one does not mean we are ignoring other agendas of IV.


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  • logiclife
    06-26 08:16 PM
    So "At the point of Approval" DOS can actually set/move/retrogress dates. Based on USCIS input. As USCIS is not able to handle this accurately, chances are that at a particular stage USCIS may alert DOS and DOS may retrogress dates - chances are there (though I personally feel this will not happen in July)
    Which means what some of these lawyers are saying is not speculation but a definite possibility.

    It doesnt say anywhere that they can change PDs in the middle of the month. What they are saying is that based on data collected from the "total number of files at point of approval" they can change PDs. But it doesnt say that they can change PDs in the middle of the month.

    If anyone has a URL or source of information that shows the USCIS stopped accepting petitions in the middle of the month even when the dates were current, PLEASE POST THE URL OR SOURCE.

    Otherwise this is bogus information coming out of certain law firms.

    And this community is so scared that they have started seeing what they believe rather than believing what they see. The cynicism and psychosis has reached such alarming levels that people are seeing things even in Ombudsman report that dont exist.

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  • aruny5
    05-29 12:13 PM
    Date of sign up: May 29, 2009
    Subscription Name: Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: aruny5)
    Subscription Number: S-4EV10617TH7257927


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  • txh1b
    08-18 03:53 PM
    This thread is a drag and a waste of IV resources. I hope the admins lock this thread.

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  • meridiani.planum
    09-23 04:56 PM
    the bailout amount of 700billion shows you how deep in trouble the market is.
    How many do you estimate will really buy a home if there is a law like this.
    Do you have any survey, any real study with proper numbers?? If its 1000 people, its not going to be worth the trouble for them. If its 20,000 real commitments, then we are talking... With downpayments of 250k and mortages for the rest, we are soon talking some pretty decent numbers here (assuming bay area kind of home prices)

    Also you mentioned IV is discussing this. Do you mean core IV team is officially involved in a campaign or is this just ur own initiative.


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  • GCard_Dream
    10-04 02:39 PM
    Well.. may be because we don't have any legislative issues to talk about until congress comes back from recess in November. By the way, how do you know that this practice might be ending soon. I know DOL was considering this and was receiving inputs back in April but nothing came out of that. They have thought about this before and they are thinking about it again. DOL knows that this system is being misused to the fullest extent and want to put a stop to it but they never do due to the pressure from companies misusing them. Why do you think DOL will act now? I have my doubts that anything will be done.

    I have seen at least three thread in the past that discussed labor sub bashing. So you guys made your point, it is an evil practice and it screws those standing behind. We already know that this practice might be ended soon. So why are we discussing this issue for the fourth time all over again? :rolleyes:

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  • Refugee_New
    02-12 12:43 PM
    EB2 India is screwed again. My wait continues.................


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  • reddymjm
    09-24 04:03 PM
    Please send emails and post here to get a count..

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  • gc28262
    09-24 08:51 AM
    Sent the email to everyone from the list

    Sent one to my anti-immigrant congressman as well.

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  • forever_waiting
    01-13 12:21 PM
    Few questions for the self proclaimed expert analyst who started this thread -
    1) How many lawmakers have you met to represent these provisions you claim to be so passionate about?
    2) Have you visited capitol hill and tried to understand what the congress thinks about EB legislation? I did - during the IV advocacy event last year with hundreds of eb2 and eb3 members.
    3) How many members here have you actually worked worked with? Because the people I know here who actually do the grass root work with me (both eb2 and eb3) do not care about theb category they belong to.

    I know you do not have any real responses...only abuses which you responded with on the other thread.
    Its funny how plainspeak is the one usually doling out the abuses but claims to be the victim.

    11-09 10:11 AM
    Well said. These kind of feelings are general for human beings. But thinking and worrying about any problem is not going to fetch you anything. If anyone has problem, then they have to start thinking about a solution. This is help them to overcome the the real problem. Thinking and worrying about it will make the problem wrost.

    Every human being is having two virtual circles in his entire life. The inner circle is circle of influence on which you have full control and outer one is circle of concern on which you dont have any control. You cannot change the weather(outer circle). Worrying about how cold or hot is not going to help you, but you can wear adequate clothing(inner circle with your control) to over come it.

    So think what you can do with what you have in your control. This will bring peace and happiness in your life and eventually will enable you to overcome big issues in simple way.

    Ok now for BASHERS: IF YOU DONT LIKE, PLS IGNORE IT. I should add this in my signature.

    This discussion can go on and on. Here is my take.

    * US is one of the countries people are flocking into. Even lots of people from UK, Australia and Canada come here to settle.
    * Given this, whenever there are opportunities to lure people in, there will be takers and people who sell (like preapproved labor). If USCIS puts a stop on preapproved labor, then there will be other avenues to take advantage of.

    You may have others in your field/company who are less-educated than you, younger than you and earning more than you, so can you lose sleep over it? No! It is part of life.

    Just focus your energies on IV and its adoption. :)

    07-03 11:31 PM
    PLEASE HURRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tin ring_Immigration_Lawyer/who


    Done as requested. I want to understand how this works - what will happen if we have a large number of people dig it?